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Learning Maths - Important... and fun

Maths is one of the key skills for achieving much in today's world and getting a Maths GCSE can help to get a job with pay 10% higher. This can also be required for many college courses that will get you the job you really dream of. Some people love numbers and shapes and graphs from their earliest memorires

It's also a subject that some people 'love to hate'. But it doesn't have to be this way.

I can help you if

  • You are aiming for one of the top grades, with an intention to study Maths further to A-Level or Degree level
  • You want to get this maths subject under your belt anyway you can!
  • You want to improve your confidence with numbers in everyday life.
  • You contact me on 0779 3153065 or by using my contact page

And how?

  • By understanding that everyone's learning style is different and working to your style (see below)
  • By making learning an active experience - where you lead the way.
  • By making the subject as relevent to your interests as we can.
  • By showing a step by step way of tackling exam questions.
  • By overcoming fears together and showing how Maths can be FUN

Learning Styles

Yes we do all learn in our individual way. See what yours is by do this fun quiz. I used this on the GCSE students I taught at Leeds City College.