Database: An example

A property maintenance company in the USA required an Access Database solution to record the records of work done on each clients property. They had a specific, and quite unusual, idea of how they wanted the screens to look and how they would use the screens to get to the correct record. This is the solution I created from their specification.

In a real life situation, I wouldn't expect a client to know exactly want they wanted their final solution to look like. Getting the best solution would be a collaborative process between their knowledge of their business and my twenty-five years expereince of what works in IT solutions.

An application or database in Access is built using five different parts

  • The Forms : This is the way you and your team look at the database. I would work closely with you to ensure these are easy to use and dovetail well with your working practices.
  • The Tables : This is where the information is stored. Deciding the most efficient was of setting up these tables is a skill in itself. See my example on database design.
  • The Queries : Queries are ways of making different ways of looking at the data. I haven't used any in this example.
  • The Reports : All businesses need to report on their activities, internally or for outside bodies to look at. Reports can be designed to look like ones you already use. In this example no reporting was requested but if I worked further with this organisations I am sure useful reporting could be added
  • The Code : All the work done in the background that makes the forms work and link together. Leave this bit to me!

In this example I designed only one form, and used that behind the scenes code to make things on the form appear and re-appear. There is one main table of data but two other small tables to store 'control' information.

There are no queries and reports in this solution. However I anticipate that this customer would want me to add a few reports once they realised they could get more from their solution than initially requested.

If you want to see the design, read on