Data Services

My "Data Services" are about helping you to make sense of your organisation's data and creating a solution that will help you to maintain and present the data in a manner that helps you to make decisions.

All solutions will come with the required training so you will be able to maintain your data without asking for more assistance, though further help will be available. The presentation of your data will you to reach decisions quickly, but I do not recommend a specifc courses of actions.

For Data Services I use MS Excel - and MS Access for any client with Access. I will consider other applications, particularly if they are SQL based, on a case by case basis

I also create data driven web applications. This website has an underlying database - That's what is controlling the quotes you see on the right hand side.

Data Service Examples

  • Pivot Tables : A concise way of summerising large tables of data. I can create a spreadsheet of your data with pivot tables and charts to enable you to see what is going on with your data more clearly.
  • From Data to Database Design : My steps to get an efficent database design from any situation.
  • A Database Example : An example database created for a building maintenace company.